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GalaxyMobile’s dedication to our clients is due to the core values we believe in. Since 2011 we’ve used these core values in training’s and business meetings. They set the foundation of who we are as a company.

Our trusted name comes from our unique skill sets, dedication and passion to succeed. Clients are always delivered the best quality of work and value-driven results.

We focus on turning insights into ideas that can be quickly taken to execution. This attitude reflects not only in our functioning, but also in our offerings that enable our partners to see rapid results.


Proven track record.

Years in offline marketing combined with blended online exposure has emerged GalaxyMobile as one of the industry’s leading and most trusted user acquisition companies for major brands and advertisers. We derive location based data from our mobile intelligence platform and transform it into mobile engagement for your brand.

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, we will continue partnering with companies that share a similar data first approach and continue to evolve in the mobile world.

Proven track record to build winning campaigns.

Dedicated Account Manager to handle all your needs.

Data points collected across the globe for winning campaigns.

Our mobile formula is unique with each ingredient.

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